Welcome to the blog

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Why create a blog? Do bloggers actually ask themselves this question when setting out on their blogging journey? Do they just blog because it’s something to do, they’ve heard you can monetise it, that blogging can increase traffic to your website, that Google likes you to blog? I have certainly asked myself why create a blog? The conclusion I have reached is that I wanted to share with who ever is lucky enough to read the information ;), things that inspire me and everyone associated with Thumbnail Creative. Also, it would be a good vehicle in which to share some knowledge, give back if I can and also simply reach out to like minded people out there on a range of topics, although creativity will no doubt be the main theme in here.

Creativity encompasses an awful lot in everyone’s everyday life. Stop and look around you right now. What can you see? I’m betting 99% of everything you can see (that’s man made) started as someone’s idea, then was thought through and created. Ideas are everywhere around us. For some of you, the chair that you are sitting on whilst reading this started as a ‘thumbnail’ sketch and ended up as the comfortable location for your bottom to rest as you absorb wonderful information ;). Ideas and design affect all of us every single day of our lives so I’ve picked a broad canvas on which I hope to dab just a few paint strokes over the course of time. My name is Sean Lane and I have a passion for ideas and creativity. It is my sincere hope that anyone reading this, shares that passion or at least has a slight interest in all things creative.

So wish me luck in this new venture. My goal is to share the creative world with you all, to hopefully inspire someone to look at the world around them and appreciate the role that design and creativity plays in their every day lives. Most of all if I can help to inspire someone to be more creative themselves that would be more than I could hope for.

Yours creatively