Why we get our best ideas while on the run

man running on beach at sunset getting ideas

Hitting the wall, creative block, call it what you will as creative ideas people we’ve all been there and if you haven’t yet you’re either incredibly lucky or a creative genius.

Personally, I quite enjoy ‘hitting the wall’, having to dig deep to find impacting and memorable creative solutions to the set problem. One of the ways I get over the wall is to go for a run or if my back is playing up a walk. I have lost count how many times this had led to successful ideas. Note there I say ideas and not idea as the goal is create ideas in abundance, don’t settle for single ideas. Running frees your mind.

Apparently there is a scientific reason behind this ideas thing.

According to an article by The Scientific American blood pressure and blood flow increase during exercise, both of which send more energy and oxygen to our muscles and organs. This process allows your brain to function at a higher level as it receives more energy and oxygen in turn.

Leaving the science out of it…

Running clears the mind as you focus on breathing, you’re out in the open air (if not on a treadmill), it’s all about your focus. You’re not at a desk ‘trying to ring out your brain for the drips of inspiration’.

In short when your mind is free, it becomes more creative. If you can, get out there and give it a go, I know I will…

…once my back gets better 🙂

Your creatively