The importance of impact

Impact image

There are some days in life that stand out from others, days where the penny drops so to speak. On one such day, I came across a talk from the brilliant Dave Trott, a creative thinker who seems to possess just as much common sense as he does creativity (if you don’t know his work, please just type in Dave Trott into youtube and you will be away). The particular talk in question focused on the subject of advertising and ideas. Mr Trott highlighted the importance of impact in the creative process, something often neglected in the grand scheme of things. This was something that really resonated with me as I had been saying a similar thing to clients of mine for years but now I had someone like Mr Trott backing me up! We live in an age where every single day our senses are attacked by a myriad of noises, imagery and whatever the latest trick is and all for what…to get our ATTENTION!!! There is a war going on out there, a battle for your attention. Whether you are Netflix or Amazon or Apple, they want you looking at them and ultimately giving them your hard earned money. Yes, attention is the new currency.

Impact comes first then it’s…

  1. You somehow get someone’s attention
  1. You can then communicate what you want to tell them about our product and/or service
  1. You can now persuade them with something that makes it beneficial to them

It works in that order. Until they have your attention, via impact, how are they going to communicate and then persuade what it is they have to offer. The diagram below shows you this.



The importance of impact 1


The question that remains is, how are you going to get their attention, how will your idea have impact? When looking for the answer to this question, take my advice, don’t be false or over the top with your attention grabbing. These days, people are pretty clever when it comes to spotting blatant ways of getting their attention. Once you have their gaze, your product still has to have something to offer but to get to that point, get them to notice you first.

Yours creatively