MGA Mutual website creation (case study)

MGAM approached me to redesign their website for them. At that time, the business had been in existence for three years and their existing site contained minimal content. It was my job to help tell the world what MGAM offered as a business.

After a couple of initial meetings, we agreed that the most impactful and informative way to get this message across was to create a video with CEO of the business Jason Anthony, informing the viewer of MGAM’s offering, it’s journey to date and going forward. I then suggested that the video should be ‘up front and centre’ on the site so it can’t be missed. As bandwidth’s and internet connection speed’s have vastly improved the power of video as a communication medium cannot be underestimated.

MGAM Site Creation - Case Study 1

The Process

Whilst a constant dialogue with the client was maintained, I started out with prototype sketching and then on to interactive, responsive wire frame prototypes. At this stage of the process we were completely focused on the content and not the visual finessing which comes after the content order is agreed with the client.

I find this part of the part of the process to be the most critical. Once you get into the visual graphic design part of the process, you should know exactly what content goes where. For me, creating a site or app this way, with the initial focus being on the content and it’s order, makes the design process a lot faster and more efficient.

MGAM Site Creation - Case Study 2
MGAM Site Creation - Case Study 3
MGAM Site Creation - Case Study 4

By this stage the client decided that a one page site would suit their needs best but this would need to contain quite a bit of information about the business. I needed solutions that allowed both the site to hold the information but not be too long from a scrolling perspective, the user does not like this and the user must ALWAYS come first. Tabs and pop ups were then employed as a solution for this on the Our Offering, News and Our Team sections respectively.

The goal was to inform the user of what MGA Mutual offers and hopefully we’ve succeeded.