Website design and production

During the last couple of years I have had increasing interest from clients to create websites for them. My process is never the same as it’s purely based on the clients needs which tends to differ from project to project. The main focus for each design however, is to ensure the client gets the maximum amount of communication through to it’s audience. I like to work very closely with the project manager to ensure this is implemented.

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Web design 1

I created the brand look and feel for PerfectSky Creative, so myself and the client Tina decided to carry this through on to the website. This incorporated a handwritten font style for the headers. A full width header carousel has impact and enables the user to quickly understand the diversity of the PerfectSky offering.

Web design 2

I was approached by MGAM to create a new site for them. They had a lot to offer as a business and wanted to get that across as quickly as possible. I convinced them them the best way to deliver this unique message was to utilise the power of video. A video was then produced and sits very high on the homepage, bringing a lot of success to the business as a result. My creative process for this site can be seen here.

Web design 3

Centrix Underwriting is part of the MGAM group and utilises the template I designed for the MGAM site. Once again this design and video led approach has proved to be very successful for the business. As the business is based near Birmingham I wanted to use a striking image of the Bullring for impact.