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Clients are realising that their website needs to be more thought through, impactful and easier to navigate for their users. My design process is never the same as it’s purely based on the user’s needs which tends to differ from project to project. The main focus for each design however, is to ensure the client gets the maximum amount of communication through to it’s audience and to put the user’s needs first. I like to work very closely with project managers to ensure this is implemented.

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CMS homepage

I was asked to redesign the website for Corporate Mailing Solutions who are a full print and mailing business serving large financial institutions in the City of London and the UK.

We decided that the content of the site needed to be more substantial and informative to the user/customer than its previous iteration. This coupled with a clean interface has made for a much better experience for the user, getting their required information quicker and easier than before.

Web design 1

I was approached by MGAM to create a new site for them. They had a lot to offer as a business and wanted to get that across as quickly as possible. I convinced them them the best way to deliver this unique message was to utilise the power of video. A video was then produced and sits very high on the homepage, bringing a lot of success to the business as a result. Read more about my design process.

New Leaf Support website

New Leaf Support is a charity based in Kent that asked me to redesign their website for them. My main aim was to ensure that the user attained the information to assist them as quickly as possible and in the most informative way. One of the unique features I focussed on as I delved into subject, was that the user would need to be able to shut the site down very quickly. I therefore designed a sticky button which was available responsively.

Web design 2

I created the brand look and feel for PerfectSky Creative and also carried this through to the website design. This incorporated a handwritten font style for the headers. A full width header carousel has impact and enables the user to quickly understand the diversity of the PerfectSky offering. PerfectSky supply graphic design work to many different charities.

Apple monitor displaying the London Gothis website homepage

London Gothic is a graphic novel set in the Victorian era so the website had to mirror this visually.

The story is very dark and this led to a certain look and feel for the website. Having also worked on the initial character designs and sketches, I had significant insight to help create the website as I was fully briefed on what the creators were trying to convey with the project.

Apple monitor displaying the London Gothis website homepage

Centrix Underwriting was founded as a business in 2018 and asked me to create a site based on the MGAM template I had designed earlier in that year.

Based in the Midlands, Centrix brings a fresh new approach to the world of insurance and wanted the website to reflect that with the use of video to convey an initial message to the customer and a varied product offering. As a result, Centrix has continued to go from strength to strength.


May and Moy is an accountancy business based in Bexley Heath in the UK. They asked me if I could redesign the website for their business and to keep things clean and clear, something I always aspire to achieve with my web designs and builds.

Acrisure website with Apple monitor

Acrisure and MGAM Limited asked us to create a dual branded mini-site to represent each business for the 2022 BIBA Conference.

The goal is to introduce each business to potential new customers, outlining their offering in the insurance sector.

Serious Print website mockup

The Serious Print Group is a busy multi print business based in Ashford, Kent. Again the goal with this website is to make it as easy for the user or customer to gain access to their printing needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is achieved with easy to find call to actions, clickable contact numbers and email addresses. Since its launch, analytics on the new website has shown an uplift in business.